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25. März bis 28. April 2012


"Ich zeichne, weil ich es liebe und glaube, dass es ein rares Privileg ist sich selbst mit dem täglich auszudrücken und das tun zu dürfen, was man liebt ."
Für den jungen südafrikanischen Künstler Roger Williams ist es gerade eine Besonderheit in der Kunst , dass in einer Welt die die Freiheit auf unterschiedlichste Weisen unterdrückt der Freiraum besteht sich selbst verwirklichen zu dürfen. Dazu zählt auch für das einzustehen was einem wichtig ist und auch andere damit zu motivieren aufzustehen. Dazu gehört ebenso sich auf Dinge einzulassen , über eigene Begrenzungen zu gehen und Neues auszuprobieren. Diese Lebensanschaung macht einen großen Teil der künstlerischen Arbeit von Roger Williams aus. Der in Kapstadt arbeitende und lebende Künstler legt sich nicht streng auf eine Richtung , ein Material oder eine Technik fest.


28. April 2012 um 20Uhr im Kleinen Haus

Am 28. April 2012 findet in der Kunsthalle Bremerhaven die Finissage der Ausstellung "Alles Roger?" statt. Diese Veranstaltung beginnt um 19 Uhr. Aber danach ist noch nicht Schluss, anschließen findet im Kleinen Haus des Stadttheaters noch ein weiterer Event statt: Visualising Music Vol.2 

Dort werden Gäste aus Südafrika und einheimische Künstler zusammen performen. Auch der Roger Williams wird diesen Event begleiten als Veejay. 

Der Eintritt ist frei, allerdings müssen für diese Veranstaltung Platzreservierungen geordert werden. 

Alles Roger? Statement

I draw because I love it. I believe its a rare privilege to do what I love most and express myself on a daily basis. In a world where individual freedom gets suppressed on many different levels, it has become my personal goal to use my art not only to communicate my own ideas, but also to inspire others to get up and take a stand for what they believe in, desire or live for.  Personal interests and experiences, as well as issues I consider to be of vital importance on a wider scale, often determine the themes that emerge in my work. My style of work and execution techniques constantly evolve based on experimentation. There is a fine balance that comes from adding new methods of creation and discarding or "unlearning" techniques that I don't need. These combined factors largely contribute to the energy of my work, and the fresh, dynamic nature that makes it successful.  Many of the images in "Alles Roger?" began as simple illustrations inspired by my love of music. Music and visual art have always shared a strong link, and much of the art is intended to capture the energy and the rich textures of the music behind it. It is a celebration of artistic expression.  With artistic expression also comes artistic suppression. I can’t consider the one without the other. Throughout history, artists from different fields have used their work as a platform to communicate their opinions on current affairs. Graffiti writers, musicians, photographers and many other specialists have given the world beautiful work, while at the same time highlighting issues that negatively affect our global community. These issues often expose the perpetrators behind them, and are therefore purposefully hidden or disguised. And the artists that expose them are silenced or disregarded…  While our right to openly express our beliefs comes into question, our right to privacy is more threatened than ever before with constant corporate invasion into our homes, lives and minds. This invasion comes through channels we presume to be a necessity for daily communication. Our right to be free from this onslaught of information is taken away, while more important information is simply withheld from us.   On a personal level, people deal with issues around other forms of freedom on a daily basis. Everyone wrestles with the search for mental, emotional and even physical freedom when dealing with different situations in their lives. Relationships, life challenges, life and death - all of these have the potential to render us "trapped" in battles that often seem unconquerable. To be free from whatever it is that keeps us from reaching our full potential in our personal lives is as important as our freedom to express our views in the world.  " Alles Roger? " explores both questions of freedom. It is as much personal as public. The work highlights our struggle for freedom in our private lives and as a global community. It poses certain questions: Do we possess the freedom of mind to create our own unbiased thoughts? Are we free enough to ask questions about why our society functions as it does? Are we free to access and share the information we choose to? Do we still have the freedom to dream? And to turn these dreams into reality? Are we free to express our art, our music, our opinions? To express ourselves?   Are we free to live our lives as we choose to?  Bold and striking visuals, asymmetrical compositions and natural textures are the tools that I use to ask these questions. Every image tells a story somehow related to freedom, be it one of victory and celebration, fierce battle, intense sorrow or peace and serenity. It uses music, nature, people and motion as metaphors for these stories. It aims to capture emotions that we can all relate to in our constant individual searches for freedom.   Every image tells a story. Every image poses the question: " Alles Roger?"

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